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Certificate Request for Foreign-Born Citizens

Your options to request a certificate are the following:

1. If you have your CLAVE ÚNICA, you can ask for a certificate directly in the webpage of the Chilean registro civil at and then you can ask for it to be electronically apostilled at

2. In case you don't have your clave única you will have to request your certificate in our Consulate in Wellington:

  • PERSONALLY IN WELLINGTON: You need to send an email to with the complete form  (you can download it here) a scanned photo of your Chilean ID and the payment of NZ$8 for each certificate. With this information we can give you time and date so you can pick up your documents. For more information please read the form below.
  • IF YOU CAN'T COME TO WELLINGTON: Follow the instructions specified in this form so you can send your request through Courier post.

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